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Members’ meetings and conferences with the focus to develop new projects/ideas:

  • Interdisciplinary connection along the value chains.
  • People from different fields come together with common views (Codex).
  • Member "X" presents its technologies and market trends with the aim of active partner search - complementary persons, companies and scientists are specifically invited.
  • The aim is to identify new projects to close value chains in order to strengthen a competitive and location advantage, and to develop technologies for their readiness for the market.
  • Such events are organized as moderated innovation workshops.
  • The basis for openness and trust in such workshops is provided by a non-disclosure agreement ( Codex).

Relevant Technologies

One of the cornerstones of MIR are the professional circles and experts from different numbers of scientific disciplines and industries.

The scientific advisory board assesses the technologies with respect to their performance and market relevance.


How to establish projects

The project life cycle

The aim of the member projects is the bundling and enhancement of resources and technologies of companies, experts and institutions.

By this way, new joints ventures with a unique technological spectrum (USP) are created.

As a first step, the feasibility and market acceptance are evaluated by way of a pilot project.

In case of success and further optimization, the international scaling of the cluster project follows.


Services to our members

We provide our partners and members with the knowledge of decades of practical work at the interface between companies, investors, technological change and new projects. - entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs -


Ad-hoc tasks and specific help in emergency cases


Comprehensive analysis of the market situation, and restructuring and expansion options


Analysis and implementation of economically relevant technologies

Operational support

Support for interims management, project management, intercultural training and many more


Negotiation / mediation and structuring of the financials institutions, investors, political decision-makers

International network

Growing network of international partners, financial institutions, investors, political decision-makers

Investor Relations

Comprehensive investment management for regions and cities

About Us

MIR’s role is to be a “crossroad, i.e. a hub” connecting science, medium-sized companies and the society. We support the development of new R&D projects in the international context.

Our Contacts

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