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MIR’s role is to be a “crossroad, i.e. a hub” connecting science, medium-sized companies and the society. We support the development of new R&D projects in the international context.

MIR is a club of like-minded people who consider moral values not to be outdated in the private life as well as in business, and therefore to be the basis of their actions.


We focus on interdisciplinary partnerships. By including and supporting new technologies, value chains will be closed.

Such measures are intended to strengthen location advantages, and to provide a substantial and responsible contribution to the development of the society.


The statute of the old Hanseatic League

No matter whether it is the UK, Germany or China. Any economic and commercial power once had a code of honor.

In the last decade, such values have largely disappeared in the respective countries, and on an international level.

This is a serious damage to SMEs. However, it can work better:

The principles of the old Hanseatic League.

MIR and its members live and work according to these values.

  • Reflections on the values of an Honorable Businessman
  • Decency
  • Fairness
  • Sustainable management
  • Long-term success rather than quick returns hunting
  • Substance
  • Cooperation on the same level


Expert Circles / Cluster

MIR actively integrates its members (companies and individuals) into the expert circles. For the next ten years it is the goal to use no professional expertise outside the club, but to generate expertise in the expert circles on each relevant topic area and make it accessible to all members.

CODEX of the „Honorable Businessmen“

As a binding and, if necessary, notarial obligation, all members are bound by the rules of the honorable businessman. These rules summarized in a codex and clarified in case of inconsistencies by an internal committee of the members. International arbitration bodies are also involved. A key benefit is the automatically guaranteed NDA by the codex. This means, all communication among members is thus protected by absolute secrecy.

International Mentor Program

Most ideas and projects fail due to a lack of "accountability". That is why MIR has created the mentoring program. Each member is accompanied by a personnel mentor, who is recruited out of the members pool. This central "guiding star" arbitrates, controls and moderates.

The mentor programme

The mentor 's programme of MIR ensures the successful realization in every situation of a project and company process. Wherever necessary, an additional "gear wheel" will be temporarily implemented.



The club supports professional and personal commitments: Any club member is invited and may take over positions/responsibilities.

A flat hierarchy combined with bundels of multiple functions ensure that there is no "bureaucratic superstructure".

MIR is an interdisciplinary family of experts.



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Marc Nodorft


Co-founder, Innovation & Technologies


Dr. Oliver Franke

Director China

Co-founder, Education & Intercultural


Karl-Heinz Hessenthaler

President MI Shanghai Ltd.



Martin Uhlemann

Director Technologies Asia



Dr. Benno Packi


Co-founder, chief legal advisor of the board


Philipp Schwab


Co-founder, Communication & Politics


Dr. Henry Memczak


Co-founder, Nanotechnology

About Us

MIR’s role is to be a “crossroad, i.e. a hub” connecting science, medium-sized companies and the society. We support the development of new R&D projects in the international context.

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