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MIR’s role is to be a “crossroad, i.e. a hub” connecting science, medium-sized companies and the society. We support the development of new R&D projects in the international context.

MIR is a club of like-minded people who consider moral values not to be outdated in the private life as well as in business, and therefore to be the basis of their actions.


We focus on interdisciplinary partnerships. By including and supporting new technologies, value chains will be closed.

Such measures are intended to strengthen location advantages, and to provide a substantial and responsible contribution to the development of the society.


Values of an honorable businessman

No matter whether it is the UK, Germany or China. Any economic and commercial power once had a code of honor.

In the last decade, such values have largely disappeared in the respective countries, and on an international level.

This causes serious damages to SMEs. However, it can work better:

By respecting the values of an honorable businessman.

MIR and its members live and work according to these values.


Values of an honorable businessman

  • Decency
  • Fairness
  • Sustainable management
  • Long-term success instead of short-term profits
  • Highest quality
  • Cooperation at eye level

Support & Value


Services for our members

We provide our partners and members with the knowledge of decades of practical experience at the interface between companies, investors, technological change, and new projects — by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.


Ad-hoc tasks and specific help in emergency cases


Comprehensive analysis of the market situation, and restructuring and expansion options


Analysis and implementation of economically relevant technologies

Operational support

Support for interims management, project management, intercultural training and many more


Negotiation / mediation and structuring of the financials institutions, investors, political decision-makers

International network

Growing network of international partners, financial institutions, investors, political decision-makers

Investor Relations

Comprehensive investment management for regions and cities

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